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I haven't made one of these in like... forever but :iconxrsjaru: Tagged me with something that seemed fun so why not? =D


1. Post 8 facts about your character.

2. Tag 8 other Characters.

3. Post their names along with their creator's avatars

Facts shall be about the loser Green haha --> 
01 GreenRefSheet by NightLokison

1) Green's real name is Ty Washington, but his name was one of his first memories to go while on the island. 

2) The idea of Green came not long after I saw the :iconthehauntedlibraryoct: , I wasn't sure what to do at first but an idea finally came as I was watching Peter Pan with my little sister. And I recalled one of it's stories of Pan killing his lost boys after they became a certain age, and eventually the story expanded a lot. 

3) The name I have given Green's story is called "Prism" because 
    a. The colors
    b. It sounds like Prison.    

4) Originally Green was going to have 6 stones, one for every basic color on the color wheel, however with time restraints, and ideas not as fully developed as far as they have now I stuck with 5 for the OCT.  

5) Despite curing a lot with words like "fuck" and such, he doesn't actually know what they mean. He just recalls other kids saying them in when cursing, in simple terms he does not know about 'the birds and the bees' + lots of other absent knowledge that should be basic for most his age. 

6) His opinions of adults aren't entirely the highest, since though he can't recall the details as of why, he remembers that his adults are the reason why he agreed to go to the island with Pan in the first place. The details behind it were due to his parents, and his feeling that they weren't giving him much attention now with a new baby having been born. And just in general always made everything no fun. 

7) Though it is Fuchsia's voice is he hears with the purple stone, the personality that is set in his head is a mixture of hers, and the previous purple stone holder Plum due to the fact that he spent 9 years with Plum and only 9 months with Fuchsia.

8) With the exception of his own stone all the stones Green has with him have been warped from their original positive emotion, most from the previous children who have owned them, one warped when he received it. 
Fear (Yellow Stone) used to be Courage 
Anger ( Red Stone) used to be Love 
Pride (Purple Stone) used to be Humble 
Sadness (Blue Stone) used to be Joy. 

And there you go, 8 facts about Green!
its funny cause despite me knowing so much of his story I had trouble of just coming up with things to say, feel free to ask more questions if yer curious at all xDD

Hmm umm tags uhhh...... how about
1) :iconpi3shark: Azir
2) :iconandrewmartind: Paint &/or Void
3) :icon7-days-luck: Lucas
4) :iconmindless-corporation: Alkemyst

only if you want to of course, and idk I can't think of 8 >.>
I'm sorry I wish I could have gotten to know more of you all but I'm just dbvakshf


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